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This is a quick list of the VAIO Library collaborators Discord usernames. The team consists of 9 people. Feel free to join the SonyPlaza Discord server to have a chat with us!

VAIO Library Maintainers

Main director: Romanio0089 @romanio0089

folfshit @folfshit

𝚆. 𝚆𝚑𝚒𝚝𝚎 @wbianchi

Keigo_Akashi @keigo_akashi

laki2 @laki2

MRkei @mrkeijidosha

Mirko🍦 @itsjustmirko

Magahara Desumi @magahara_desumi

StarX @gexreal

Become a collaborator

Do you want to help us work on the VAIO Library, and have your username listed here? Please join SonyPlaza on Discord, and contact one of the VAIO Library Maintainers on the server, or simply send a short message in the VAIO chat. Thank you!