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Sony decided to remove all drivers for Windows 7 and older devices, so now, downloading drivers from the original Sony website is impossible.

However, by simply using one website, you can find many of them in a few seconds.


The website we are about to use is

We offer no warranty on what you will find on websites external to the VAIO Library. See VAIO Library's General Disclaimer for more informations.

The information we are using are considered valid at the moment of writing this guide.

The steps

We take as an example the research of all the drivers for Windows XP of a VAIO PCG-C1VPK.

  1. The first step is to find your Sony VAIO model. Most of the times, your model's name is written on the bezel of the display. Do not use the model name on the Sony sticker on the bottom of the machine (example: PCG-31111M), use the one on the bezel, and if the one on the bezel is incomplete (example: VPCZ1), you should be able to see a small white sticker on the bottom of the machine, with the full model name (example: VPCZ11Z9E).
  2. Now, visit and inside the search box write your model and press the search icon. NOTE: the website sometimes removes the "-" inside the computer's model, and it isn't able to recognize it with that symbol, so try both with and without the symbol. In this case, "PCG-C1VPK", is written correctly as "PCG-C1VPK".
  3. If you find your model as result of the search, press on it. NOTE: sometimes there will be a slash followed by a letter (like "/W") at the end of the models' name. It is just the color of the computer (for example, "/W" means white). The drivers are identical for every color.
  4. You will find a list of drivers, sometimes related to many OS versions. In our case, we want to download the drivers for Windows XP, so we press on "Windows XP" in the right pane.
  5. Now, simply press on the drivers' link to download them.
  6. If you are looking for a specific driver (for example, just the Video Card Driver) and you don't know the correct executable name to download, use the method "other than" of this guide to find the executable name for the desired driver.


If you find some problems with this guide, try the steps again, step-by-step.

If you still are facing some issues, just follow the other guides here or contact us on the SonyPlaza Discord server.