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VPCF1 in Grey
VPCF1 in Black

The Sony VAIO VPCF1 is a range of mid to high-end multimedia laptops released by Sony in 2010. Replacing the VGN-FW and eventually becoming the flagship multimedia laptop once the AW was discontinued, they maintained the same 16.4" size as the FW, however added a number pad and introduced the first generation Intel Core processors. The laptops were designed for media consumption, and with the premium screen also served as a mobile workstation for media professionals.

VPCF1 in Premium Black

The VPCF1 was a very powerful machine when fully maxed out, featuring a 4 core 8 thread i7-740QM, 8GB of 1333MHz RAM and a NVIDIA GT 425M. Top models also came equipped with an excellent 1920x1080 CCFL display with a claimed 100% Adobe RGB coverage, and a matte finish which Sony called "VAIO Display Premium", maintaining the accurate colors in every lighting condition. The VPCF came in 3 distinct configurations, although the differences between them aren't as big as on the AWs, and lower end models could be equipped with options from the high end models such as the 1920x1080 screen, quad core i7 and the GT 425M.

  • Regular model (Grey): Grey finish
  • Mid range (Black): Black finish
  • Top spec (Premium Black): same black paint as mid range however featured a rubber finish palmrest, same material as on the Sony cameras.

Although it did become the replacement flagship media consumption laptop, it did forgo a couple of features that the AW had such as the dual hard drive bays, RAID SSD options, fingerprint scanner and biggest of all, a LED display on the top model. Eventually, this was quickly replaced in 2011 with the VPCF2.

Detailed Specs

Processor: Intel Core i3-350M, i5-460M, i5-520M, i7-720QM, i7-740QM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 310M, 330M or 425M

Chipset: Intel® PM55 Express Chipset

Memory: 2 DDR3 slots, 8GB maximum

Display: 1600x900, 1920x1080 glossy or matte 1920x1080 100% Adobe RGB coverage 16.4" display

Storage: Single 2.5" SATA hard drive bay

Weight: 3.1kg

MSRP: $900-2000

Daily Usage Today

Due to the powerful hardware used in the laptop at the time, this machine is still very usable for basic tasks and some light gaming. Older games will run with ease on this laptop, especially with the top spec GT 425M. The screen is also excellent, especially if you get the premium Adobe display, making for a great laptop to watch movies on. Windows 10 and 11 will run very smoothly on this laptop, especially if paired with the maximum 8GB RAM and a SSD. Not much common issues on this laptop, however just like on the AW, the rubber material can unglue itself from the palmrest, this can be fixed easily.