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PCG-N505 from front
PCG-N505 from front


"Ear" speakers
"Ear" speakers

The Sony VAIO PCG-N505 was a subnotebook released by Sony in 1999. It was very slim for its time, and commanded a VAIO premium price of 3000$, possibly due to it being so slim and the chassis being made entirely out of magnesium. It was a paperweight at 1.2kg which is less than most laptops weigh today. On the side of the display, one could mount "ear" speakers sort of like how you can on the PCG-QR3. The laptop looks very similar to the original PCG-505 series and has one of the most iconic, original laptop designs of all time. It was amazing that a laptop of 1.2kg could compete with performance of much bigger laptops. It was also impressive how Sony could fit so many features and I/O on such a small device.

Detailed Specs

Processor: Celeron 300MHz or Pentium II 400MHz

Graphics: NeoMagic MagicMedia256AV (NM2200)

Chipset: Intel 440DX

Memory: 64MB (Standard) or 128MB (Maximum)

Display: 10.4" TFT LCD 1024x768

Storage: 6.4GB or 8.1GB IDE HDD

Weight: 1.2kg

MSRP: 3000$

Daily Usage Today

This laptop is unuseable today apart from some office tasks like word, excel, powerpoint and some more. Retro gaming is impossible apart from some VERY lightweight games. This is expected as it is very old.


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PCG-N505 VE / VX Recovery Disks

PCG-N505 VE / VX Recovery Disks

We have listed both recovery disks available online, try one and if it doesnt work try the other.