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The Sony VAIO PCG-SR is a mid-to-high-end subnotebook computer series released by Sony in the year 2000, intended for users that needed a small machine for advanced portability.


They came in a two different colour variants. One has a white palmrest and gray exterior, keyboard and base. The other model has a dark blue/purple palmrest and dark purple exterior, keyboard and base. Its footprint is actually less than a sheet of A4 paper, and the build quality, as you would expect from a high-end Sony VAIO, is outstanding.

They had the iconic Jog Dial next to the keyboard on the right, which can also be found on other Sony devices of that period, was used as an app launcher of sorts with Sony's proprietary software.

Detailed Specs

Processor: Intel Pentium III 600MHz or 450MHz Celeron

Graphics: NeoMagic MagicMedia 256XL+ (6MB VRAM) or 256AV+ (3MB VRAM)

RAM: 256MB RAM (Proprietary form factor)

Display: 10.4" 1024x768 XGA or 800x600 SVGA TFT

Storage: 2.5" IDE HDD

Wireless: Integrated Bluetooth, Integrated Wireless LAN (Orinoco Wi-Fi, 802.11)

OS: Windows XP Home Edition or Pro

Media: 1 X CF Type II slot, 1 X USB Port, VGA out, via Sony dongle, Sony Memory Stick Slot

Additional: Integrated iLink IEE1394, Microphone in and sound out, Integrated 10/100 LAN (Wired), Touchpad with scroll wheel

Daily Usage Today

These laptops are still usable today for very light modern office tasks like text editing, however, they are perfectly suitable for retro tasks, with very limited but present retrogaming capabilities. The Pentium III is not very fast, clocking at 600MHz, while the Celeron at 450MHz is even slower. It is recommended that one replaces the HDD with a SSD. Retro games are playable on this device, to some extent. Light games will run decently but anything challenging will not work well.


Disassembly Guide

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These discs are not compatible with SVRP, but we are working on a patcher for Windows XP and below recoveries.