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PCV-L "SlimTop"
PCV-L "SlimTop"


The Sony VAIO PCV-L was a slim desktop PC component system released by Sony in 1999 with new models being launched until 2000. It came with a keyboard, mouse, PC and monitor which was available in 14.1" (1024x768) and 15" (1280x960 or 1024x768) sizes varying on model. It was marketed as a "smart desktop that allows you to interact in your own style" by Sony, which probably referred to its CD-RW, and in some models DVD-ROM drive, Memory Stick drives and Floppy Disk Drives.

PCV-L with included accessories
PCV-L with included accessories

As with a lot of other VAIOs of the time, the wallpaper on the unit is changed by a script to represent the different times of day: Morning, Midday, Sunset, Night.

Detailed Specs

Processor: Celeron 600MHz - Pentium III 650/700MHz

Wallpaper changes according to time
Wallpaper changes according to time

Graphics: ATI RAGE 128PRO 4XL

Chipset: 440BX AGPset

Memory: 64/128MB (Standard) - 512MB (Maximum)

Display: 15" TFT LCD 1280x960 or 1024x768 - 14.1" 1024x768

Storage: 6.4-30GB IDE HDD

Weight: 5.5kg

MSRP: ~300,000 yen

Daily Usage Today

Still usable for some retro gaming and some basic office tasks. Anything that was possible when it was released will be possible today, for example Microsoft Office etc. Keep in mind that anything modern will not run. It could definitely still be used to watch some DVDs on a TV with composite out and maybe even a bit of light web browsing if you upgrade the CPU, RAM to the max, not to mention an IDE to mSATA SSD adapter. Keep in mind that any modern websites will not run, this is just for basic static HTML pages (neocities) and maybe some web archive pages. These machines are quite rare everywhere, even in Japan.


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