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PCV-M300 with Trinitron CRT Monitor and speakers

The Sony VAIO PCV-M was a Japan only PC component system released by Sony in 1998. It was intended to be a sort of "multimedia" PC, because some models had an inbuilt TV tuner, a DVD player (in later models) and a MiniDisc control option that was supposed to be used with the MDS-PC1 MiniDisc deck.

PCV-M300TV7 with MDS-PC1

Detailed specs

Processor: Pentium MMX 233MHz, AMD K6 400MHz on later models

Graphics: ATI RAGE 128VR 8MB

Chipset: ALI Aladdin V

Memory: 64MB (Standard) 256MB (Maximum) PC100 SDRAM, 2x DIMM slots

Display: 17/15" Trinitron CRT Monitor, 14.1" TFT LCD

Storage: 4.3GB or 8.4GB IDE HDD

Weight: 7.5 kg

MSRP: Unknown

Daily usage today

The PCV-M is a novelty item. It will be okay for some old games (depends on graphics card) and word processing.

They can be found every once in a while on Yahoo! Auctions Japan or Mercari Japan. You will need a Japanese proxy service such as Buyee for this though.


Recovery Disks unknown.

Drivers unknown.

Disassembly guide unknown.