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The Sony VAIO PCV-R was a PC component system released by Sony in mid-1999. It came in various different configurations, including some with an inbuilt TV tuner (models with this were marked with a TV in the product name), popular on VAIOs of the time. It came with a 15 or 17 inch CRT monitor or a 15 inch TFT LCD. They all came bundled with Floppy and CD-ROM or CD-RW drives, a keyboard and a mouse. Being VAIOs, they came with lots of built in software for video editing, CD burning etc...

PCV-R with LCD
PCV-R with LCD

Based off of Sony's marketing, it was aimed at DV editing, capturing video off of camcorders and watching TV with the inbuilt TV tuner.

Units that came with an LCD came with external speakers, while the ones that came bundled with CRT monitors did not, as they were build into the CRT.

Detailed Specs

Processor: Pentium III or Celeron

Graphics: ATI RAGE 128VR or Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro

Chipset: Intel 440BX AGPset (66MHz/100MHz) or Intel 815/810 (133MHz)

Memory: 128MB (Standard) 512MB (Maximum) DIMM SDRAM

Display: 15/17 inch CRT Monitor or 15 inch LCD

Storage: 10-40GB IDE HDD

Weight: 12kg

MSRP: unknown

Daily Usage Today

The Sony VAIO PCV-R is still somewhat usable today. you could play some retro games and dos games, depending on the GPU configuration. Basic office tasks are doable, Word, PowerPoint and Excel should excel (no pun intended). As it doesn't have a DVD drive, watching media on it will be pretty useless as there is no real way to get it onto the system. Using it to listen to music should work fine, but forget using the internet as only very basic HTML sites have a chance of loading on this relic.


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