Sony VAIO Recovery Patcher (SVRP)

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Screenshot of GUI version

SVRP is a utility designed to patch and combine split WIM (.sny) and .mod files from Sony VAIO recoveries, in order to bypass Sony's model checks. This tool can be used when the recovery discs refuse to install, as they were not made on the unit they are trying to be installed on. Basically, it's a recovery cracker.

It can patch .sny files, which contain the Windows installation in form of a WIM, and .mod files, which are applications (most of the VAIO apps, and others).

Screenshot of GUI version

Current file support

SVRP currently supports only .sny and .mod files. To check if you have, and how to get .sny and .mod files, check this guide.


Please visit this page to download the latest release of SVRP.


Documentation is available here.


For support, please join the Sony MegaServer Discord server and talk to us on the #vaio channel.