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VGN-G in Black

Going into the year 2007 Sony launched the VAIO VGN-G Series as a ultraportable Subnotebook. With a bright 12,1", 4:3 display and 8,5 hours of battery life, it was targeted at Businessmen and -women, who need a small and lightweight machine that could last a few hours on e.g. a train ride. The VGN-G series achieved this by utilizing a high quality case with carbon fibre parts that increased its strength. In addition to that the Notebook was equipped with motion sensors that could detect rapid accelration to turn off the Hard Drive in order to prevent damage or data loss. Depending on optional extras the VGN-G could weight between 1,1 and 1,2 kg. This made it small and light enough to fit in any regular briefcase.

VGN-G Keyboard

Sadly, this portability came at the cost of low performance. While the U-series Core 2 Duo and -Solo used minimal energy, they weren't very powerful. In combination with only 1 GB of memory and the Intel GMA 950 iGPU the VGN-G Series was just able to run office and productivity applications, leaving no headroom for 3D-accelerated games or graphics programs. Being sold with Windows XP professional meant that more resources could go to the users applications, instead of the operating system. Another big downside was lack in connectivity. Coming with a DL-DVD-Burner, 300 Mbps Wifi, 1 Gbps Ethernet, a Modem, two USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth and a VGA port. Equipment like a Webcam and HDMI port were not available. Though, as common with Sony Laptops, a fingerprint sensor and ExpansionCard slot could be had on the VGN-G series.

In conclusion the Sony VAIO VGN-G was an excellent lightweight laptop which excelled in mobile work, while sacrificing performance and connectivity to do so. This meant that most of these laptops where mostly sold to business which could spare the ~1800€ MSRP.

Detailed Specs

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo U7500, Intel Core Solo U1500

Graphics: Intel GMA 950

Display: 12,1", 4:3, 1024 x 768


Storage: 100GB 2,5" HDD

OS: Windows XP Professional

Weight: 1,1 - 1,2 kg

MSRP: 1800 Euro

Daily Usage Today

With the increase of resources modern programs use, using the VGN-G could be difficult. Though upgrading the Ram and installing an SSD, as well as using Linux with a lightweight desktop environment, can be done to increase its usability. If done this laptop can still prove to be a nice work machine while you are on the go. But keep in mind that the original batteries have lost capacity over the years and you probably wont see 8 hours of battery, especially with the more resource-eating modern programs and operating systems.


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