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Sony VAIO PCG-R505

The Sony VAIO PCG-R505 is a mid-to-high-end subnotebook computer series released by Sony in 2001, intended for users that needed a machine for work, as it came with Windows 2000.

They came in a silver-purple finish. The build quality, as you would expect from a high-end Sony VAIO, is outstanding.

A Intel Pentium III Mobile CPU with Intel 830MG Graphics Chipset was included with these laptops along with Windows XP Pro.

Sony VAIO PCG-R505 Dock

Detailed Specs

Processor: Intel Pentium III-M 1.13GHz, 512KB L2 Cache, 133MHz Data Bus Speed

Graphics: Intel 830MG Integrated Extreme Graphics

RAM: 256MB SDRAM (1x128MG, 1x128MB (Soldered) (SODIMM 144-pin)), Max upgrade size: 512MB

Display: 12.1" XGA Display

Sony VAIO PCG-R505 without dock

Storage: 30GB IDE HDD

Network: 10/100 Ethernet (Wired), No Wireless device

OS: Windows 2000

Media: 1 x CardBus PC Card slot, 1x Memory Stick Reader, 2 x USB Ports and a Headphone Jack + Microphone Input.

Additional: i.LINK, Security Lock, Docking Station with DVD Drive and a 3.0-4.5h Battery Life (Standard supplied battery), 6-8h Battery Life (Double capacity battery)

Specifications may vary between models.

Daily Usage Today

These laptops are still usable today for very light modern office tasks like text editing, however, they are perfectly suitable for retro tasks, with very limited but present retro gaming capabilities. The Pentium III is not very fast, clocking at 1.13GHz, and it is recommended that one replaces the HDD with an SSD or a IDE to SD Card adapter. Retro games are barely playable on this device.

Recovery Discs

VAIO PCG-R505EL Recovery Disks

VAIO PCG-R505TF Recovery Disks


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